What are Printables, and why should I care?

Join my friend Jenni Hunt from 10booksin10days.com and me - “The Printable Guy” for a Free Webinar on Monday, March 22, 2021 (8 pm EST).  The title of this webinar is “What are printables, and why should I care?”


I will be going over the basic definition of a printable and compare to digital download products


Also, I will be sharing how you can find opportunities to monetize what you already have without spending but a few dollars. How do you ask? By sharing where I look for “digital inventory” and repurpose materials that become printables.


Printables are in demand, and they don't take huge budgets or fancy programs to create. I have a secret I will share in the webinar about collecting unique clipart from my son’s high school friends. You'll be amazed by the opportunity.


The mind-shift of physical products to digital products and selling printables as passive income sounds unreal. The examples I will share will get you thinking and looking for your own “digital inventory.”


Here is the link to sign up and join us on the discussion of printable as a source of income to your existing business or even starting a new business.



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