Welcome to Whynee Stuio Podcast Episode 1

The start of creating a podcast!! HOLY WOW! I can't believe I did it. Sure, it's not a perfect first episode, but I can honestly say that starting out, Anchor.fm has he tools to make creating a podcast simple and easy. 

You see, I have been wanting to create a podcast for some time. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to do some radio disc-jockey work. The pay was my experience and the opportunity to learn was such a huge reward. I didn't necessarily get any of those fancy badges or certificates for filling air time. But what I did receive was the thirst to create more audio content. 

Why a podcast and what does it have to do with this website? You see, I enjoy sharing and creating digital assets and products. Not everyone is able to read a blog post or even watch a YouTube video. But with a podcast, you have the chance to connect on an audio level and reach more people. Heck, I listen to so many podcasts in the week, I didn't even realize it until recently it was because of convenience. 

What will this podcast accomplish? My goal and focus on the podcast is to talk about the journey of building a digital business using the internet creatively to make a full-time income. You see, I have a lot to share in both experience and general knowledge of digital products. You do too! When is the last time you had to create a resume for your dream job? That resume was created in some word document program and saved into a file folder on your computer. If you are in with the times, to the cloud for future retrieval.

What if you took that resume you created and packaged it up and sold it as a template for other dream job seekers? Could you make some passive income from that document? Sure! Why not!

The idea that it may not sell or why do that when it won't sell is a rabbit hole of self-defeat. I believe those are the right terms. Basically, if you don't put it out there, you would never know if it would sell or not. Correct? 

You see, I personally have experienced searching for printables, digital templates, and products online to fast track my time. Resume templates are one of them

Let's get back to the podcast!

Episode 1 is where I introduce myself and the podcast. The idea is to do an episode a week. In fact, I have episode 2 in the final stages. Trust me, number two will be more polished. 

As time goes on, I know I will become more comfortable creating podcast episodes and look forward to doing it! If you would like to be on the podcast or you have suggestions, please don't hesitate in contacting me! I would love to connect and chat business, life and the world of creating a full-time income online!

Give a listen below or at https://anchor.fm/whyneestudiopodcast/episodes/Welcome-to-Whynee-Studio-Podcast-e8mvt0


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