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The use of video has been a skyrocket climb for the past few years. Whether it is on the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or even prominent YouTube, you can find that the use of video is growing even more in 2020 and will only get better as we get into later years, such as 2021. The Printable Guy, I have found other platforms that better suit the ease-of-use and create DIY tutorial type videos.  

 Although the other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are the right platforms to host your video tutorials, I found it much easier to use with my mobile device, such as my i-phone. Let me introduce to you the video platform jump rope. Jumprope has many potentials; itis still in its early stages, and actually, I have been using this platform for the past couple of years under a different account. Recently I did create an account for the printable guy to share all of my DIY creative projects. I hope that when I do this. I have one easy-to-follow platform that can be duplicated and downloaded easily for the end-user.

 Basic Features:

 The interface is straightforward to navigate. You can see here and then get started page you can shoot in jump rope pick photos or videos from camera roll or split a video into steps I like to use to separate videos and steps picture. 

Easy to follow step-by-step templates makes this video tutorial app desirable for creating The Printable Guy tutorials. I love how the interface is clean and straightforward on my mobile device, as in this example of the start of the first tutorial template.

You can create professional-looking tutorial content with easy editing tools like time-lapse, filters, and voiceover narration. In addition, you can also include background music to add some simple jazz sounds to your videos. Jumprope has a full library of background music to share but you may want to upload your own to make your tutorial video unique.

The feature of “Adding a Card” gives the simple selections of the video tutorial. As pictured, you can see at the bottom the product list, step, and blank card. For this article and example, I am going to go with the “Step” choice. 

Here is Step 1 and the beginning of How to Make Paper Airplanes. On the app, I will click the camera icon and fill in the first step text in the “add your text…..” image. You are only able to add 150 characters in the text field. Personally, I like that you are limited on the text characters allowed as it forces you to get extremely good at getting your point across without any extra information. 

As you can see I have finished this tutorial with 8-easy steps with a total time of 38 seconds for the audience to view and recreate. Not too bad for making a simple paper airplane tutorial. 

Here you can see some of the platform formats you can export your Jumprope Tutorial out to for easy your audience to view.



Twitter, Pinterest Cover, Pinterest No Text, Pinterest Text, Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, YouTube, IGTV, Pinterest Pin, Instagram Feed, Facebook Feed, TikTok, Blog Embed, and Player Embed. 

In summary, Jumprope App is: 

  •  Follow our step-by-step template to create and personalize your how-to quickly.
  • Create professional-looking content quickly and easily with editing tools like time-lapse, filters, and voiceover.
  • Personalize the look and feel with animation themes, colors, patterns, and background music.
  • Feature the products you use in a shoppable format for viewers to browse and purchase.
  • Export how-to with seven different export formats tailor-made for YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Stories, IGTV, your website, and more.


Here is a shortlist of my favorite Jumprope Content Creators in the DIY Category:



art_with_msreinhardt: https://jumprope.com/art_with_msreinhardt

Jumpropediy: https://jumprope.com/jumpropediy

KidsCrafts: https://jumprope.com/tag/kidscrafts

TammyLynn13: https://jumprope.com/TammyLynn13

To get started in making your own Jumprope Tutorial Videos download the app today!

Link: https://jumprope.com/

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