Merry Christmas in 2019: Sharing Blessings

The holiday is here and alive, at least it is in our household. Merry Christmas to your family from ours! In this blog post, I wanted to share some blessings that have taken place over 2019. These are moments we as a family find to be worth celebrating on this beautiful Christmas Day. 

Blessing #1

I want to reflect on the many blessings we have had in our family in this blog post. First off, the power of having Jesus at the forefront of our lives. If you are not a believer in Christ, I will encourage you to take a moment and seek him out. 

The purpose of this website isn't to push our faith on you as a reader but to make you aware we are a family of believers. Instead, it is to share knowledge of creating digital product tutorials as well as have a place to offer up templates and patterns. 

The creativity that I pose would not be here if it weren't for trusting in the Lord. For that, I am very thankful this Christmas day for all that he has guided me in doing.

This past year had many trials and tribulations, but none that would be rendered drastic by any standards. We, as a family, have weathered storms far worse and have been blessed abundantly. Another blessing of 2019 was the building of this website. Sure, it is not at the top of its readership, but it is on a path to many beautiful things. Having this blog allows us to connect with many other creative people like you.

Blessing #2

This brings me to the transition of where our family business has gone over the past 2019 year. In case you weren't aware, my family and I have operated a little fishing lure and fishing fly business on the web since 2002. We have sold on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and other website marketplace platforms. Having a little niche' business like this in our family has rendered some fabulous learning experiences. Some of those being extremely rewarding, such as having our son comprehend that life is about working hard for what you want. Setting goals and achieving them beyond belief. This is what our little family business has taught us. 

We also learned that the changing of the times had put a lot in question with our business. We have learned to pivot and make some profound drastic changes. One of those changes is to offer more learning resources versus direct manufacturing of our products. Sure, we enjoy handmaking our fishing products, but it also is time-consuming, and depending on the season can be extremely stressful. 

It is nice to be able to sit back on this Christmas Day and say, "what a blessing we have had in our family business."

Blessing #3

This past fall, we were able to see our son (at the age of 15) take his first solo glider flight. He has been working on flying gliders with the local soaring club for the past two years. Under the care and instruction of the club members and instructors, he was able to achieve his flight wings. 

What a blessing to have beautiful people around us to share their knowledge and experience with the youth in our community. We as a family wish there were more that would get involved with glider flying but understand the fears and emotions of the unknown.

Blessing #4

This was the year we started our little urban farm. The idea was one that I had cropped up many times over the years. But this year, we as a family took to the ground to grow some of our vegetables. Originally it was to try and participate in the local farmers market to make extra income. But we quickly understood that time wasn't working on our side. 

We were able to see and practice what we liked in growing techniques, seeds, and even planning practices. Hopefully, we will continue to have this as a blessing for many more years to come. 


There are many more blessings I could continue to share and be grateful for this Christmas 2019 Day. But I know this post would be longer than what I wanted it to be. So...... on that note. Merry Christmas to you and your families!

With Love,

Carlos, Rebecca, and Nicholas 


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