Merry Christmas! 2020 Blessing Celebration!

What a year this has been, and 2020 comes close to the end! If you haven't had the chance to count the blessings around you yet, I will invite you to do so. 

The year at our house has been full of many ups and downs. Successes and failures and a drive to prepare no matter what for the future. As we close out this year as a season in our life like so many others, we look back at the year’s successful bounty. 

Professional Bounty Blessings:

The start of this website and new teaching business has been the biggest blessing to me personally. What started back in 2010 as a collection of under-grad school projects on multiple computers, thumb-drives, and external devices has morphed into a place to share everything collectively. This website and business have taken a few names and faces over the past 12 months. But settling on building a brand under “The Printables Guy” has been a good fit in covering all areas of the digital items I have created over the years and moving forward to many more to come.

Developing a Mission:

Just as a true survivalist will do for their journey into the unknown land of prosperity before setting out, they develop a plan and a mission to accomplish. The task can be as simple as “just survive and get back” or even a “capture the flag” type of assignment. The mission can weave many different obstacles in planning, strategizing, or executing, but the key is to get started with the idea of “the mission.” As 2020 closes out in the next week and bleed into the year 2021, I look to make my professional and personal mission more concrete. The moment stands in having a task of “just get started” currently, but truthfully, the mission is much more than the simple execution of getting started. 

Here are some mission statements, vision, and core values I have collected from others in various professions and incorporated into what The Printable Guy is growing and meant to represent. 

The Mission (our purpose is): 

  • Accomplish the task of building a digital library using technology and tools that allow access to printable resources for students, teachers, parents, crafters, and hobbyists to download and create for fun and pleasure.
  • To build a learning resources library unique for students, teachers, and parents for the following grades pre-school to third grade to download and enrich the necessary learning experience. 
  • To have a consistent schedule of fresh new printables added to the digital library.
  • To create small and easy ebook format projects for students, teachers, and parents to download and assemble for added learning.
  • To develop meaningful illustrations, documents, and learning resources using unique and original storytelling techniques and characters. 
  • To continue building an engaging community and growing audience through email, blog posts, and video tutorials. 
  • To make discoverable content for search engines and social media to promote “The Printables Guy” community’s future generation.

The Vision (our long-term aspirations):

  • To build a growing digital library of pdf, png, jpg, and SVG assets updated yearly. 
  • To transfer the best printables into paperback books, downloadable projects, and other useful resources throughout the United States and US Territories. 
  • To move into a long-term partnership with other learning resources creators such as artists, illustrators, craft DIY content creators, and digital resource distributors.
  • Creating a library of content in the digital library form serves as a stepping stone for inspiration and imagination for both children and adults.
  • To assist those on the frontlines fighting literacy, poverty, and underserved educational needs with resources easily accessed.

Core Values (our values):

  • To build assets that help young adults grow into a meaningful prosperity mindset that will enrich their learning.
  • To add to the growing positive resources that help children and adults gain advanced learning skills.
  • To promote creativity, imagination, child-play, curiosity, exploration, and adventure in their daily lives.
  • To help children grow towards a passionate mindset of learning.
  • To promote the values of core family values with love and appreciation for individual ideals. 
  • To encourage responsibility for one’s self and learning. 
  • To promote a love for nature, life, and everyday surroundings. 
  • To work in balancing traditional hands-on media, digital media, and the mix of technology versus handcrafted. 
  • To promote technology for the greater good of learning, exploring, and growing mentally, physically, and spiritually. 
  • To promote a healthy balance between conversation and humor enriches positive, constructive meaning to one’s daily activities. 

Professional Summary:

The building of this digital brand and business is strategically planned to promote my family and friends’ legacy. The mission, vision, and core values statements above serve as the baseline of what The Printables Guy will evolve moving forward into 2021 and future years. 

Thank you for being apart of the journey, and it is my wish that anyone who finds this content helpful and inspiring may share it with another person in your life. 

Best Wishes, 

The Printable Guy - Nicholas Gomez


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