Happy New Year in 2021 Printable Pals!

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Happy New Year my Printable Pals! Today is the first of January in 2021.!! Exciting times and a great moment to reflect on up and coming goals for the year. Do you have goals or items on a list you would like to accomplish? 

Here are my 5 TOP Goals I would like to accomplish this year!

First, I need to share with you some realistic goal setting basics. 

Make short term goals that you know you can accomplish in 24-28 hours. By making these short term goals you are increasing your chances of meeting and exceeding those goals. Take it from someone that has had his fair share of overextending and not reaching goals every year. 

In 2021, I plan to break my short-term goals into small daily ones such as creating something every day. You may be asking, “What does creating everyday mean?” The simple and direct answer to your question is just that…. Create Something Everyday!! To use the abbreviation “CSE” seems cheesy and corny but that is what I will fill 2021 with to measure my success for the day. 

Here is the start of CSE (create something every day) in sharing this easy to download January One, 2021 coloring page. This was a simple and easy item to create and I look forward to making every effort to share a new one every day. Now, I need to be transparent here and say I will be batching out my post and creating these daily coloring pages in batch format. Meaning, the intent will be to create these coloring pages daily but the realistic side is I may need to find days where I create a few (batch) and then schedule release them out daily. 

Okay, the TOP 5 Goals I wish to accomplish here at The Printable Guy!

  1. Connect more on social media. Over the years I have connected with many people and developed some great online friends. This year my goal is to begin to build a community and foster relationships that go beyond the occasional “hello” and “how are you” conversation. The desire for 2021 is to connect with like-minded business building, artistic loving, and teaching-oriented people. If that is you and you would like to connect please send me a message here. 

  1. Meet and exceed financial goals. The idea of being “financially free” and having a business that works on auto-pilot is a dream that can be obtained. I personally have done this in a variety of areas but not really under a single branded name or business, except with a small family business my family and I have run since 2002. The Printable Guy mission isn’t all about building wealth in money type freedom but rather building in “time” freedom. I’ll add more content in working towards time freedom in a later blog post. 

  1. Make more tutorial videos. Okay, I have to admit something to you, my Printable Pals! I am addicted to video tutorials! Not so much the content or subject part but rather how some creators assemble and teach a topic or subject using video. The video medium has always been fascinating to me ever since I was a small child. Are you someone that sat in front of the television for hours watching those favorite PBS programs? Did you learn the alphabet by watching Sesame Street? Don’t be ashamed, I am raising my hand with you as well!

  1. Get organized! Every year I say to myself, “This is the year I will have all my shop tools organized” or “ I will keep all my files and records in an organize filing system.” AND every year the process starts off with a bang. But like any weight loss diet program eventually, the task falls to the wayside. Sure, the intention was good from the start. But the end results seem to fall to the ground at the end of the year. Don’t be like me from the past and scramble to get everything in order at the end of the year. Instead, my dear Printable Pal, let’s make a pack to work on our organization everyday, weekly, and even monthly. 


  1. Share more content that helps bring meaning and wealth to others. You may be asking why this is your Top #1 goal and you have the right to ask. Well, I must say in all honesty, my number one goal is to create and share here at The Printable Guy. If anything that is created here whether it is blog posts, videos, or even printable files. I want to give you the opportunity to experience something good from the content. Now, my top #1 goal may change down the road and become more defined as I work towards small short term goals but I do hope you find yourself enjoying everything here at The Printable Guy website. 

Thank you for being my Printable Pal and I hope you take a moment and share what you hope to accomplish in 2021. 


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