Exploring Keynote to create PDF Printable Pages for KDP

Over the last few days, I have been finding it difficult to design pages on the go. Meaning, I typically use the Adobe designing suite of tools. The issue with relying on these tools means, when I am on the road I can not design using my iPad. 

Meet my solution, Keynote. 

Keynote ships with any and all modern day iPad tablets and has quite a few features to make designing printable pages on the road easier.

Here is a Daily Goal tracker page I designed using Keynote.

Feel free to download for free to test out the page in your daily life, printable projects or even your KDP Journals.

In the future, I will be documenting more of this process of using Keynote and Powerpoint to create printable pages and projects.

Enjoy: ------->>>> Download Here!


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