Did you know? Everyone has a Mission

The last few weeks brought the best out of me. Defining who I am, what I want to be doing and where is the best place to go. Life has a way of doing that to a person.

The story here is simple and I will get to the point quickly. 

Burn-out! Yes, I have been suffering from it for a long time and just now working through the process of overcoming it. Where does this burn-out come from? In short, it comes from doing the same task and amount of that task for an overextended amount of time. 

Learning to recognize the issue and adjust for a better position in life is a life-changing experience. The process comes down to, in my opinion, coming up with a personal mission statement. 

These worksheets I created are free for you to download. Maybe you can find your own Mission Personal Mission Statement to become a better you in personal and professional life. 

Here's a glimpse of the way I created these mission statement worksheets in Google Sheets. 

Go to this page to sign up for your DOWNLOAD FILE of these pages!! 
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I look forward to doing a full write up tutorial in the next few blog post!



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